Management Group in Ohio

Doctor Owned & Doctor Driven  

Optometric Management Group (OMG) was formed to preserve, promote, and advance optometry. We empower optometrists to share their full passion with patients and focus on what they love—eye care. 

OMG is different from other consolidation groups as we’re optometrist-owned. We support your business decisions and advocate for legislation supporting your practice. 

No matter the size or history of your practice, you have something that makes you special. At OMG, we want to work with you to maintain and build on this uniqueness. Our group is built for optometrists that are patient-centered and understand the difference high-quality eye care can make in their community. 

Why Optometric Vision Group

As an optometrist, you’re a cornerstone in your community. From routine eye exams to specialty services, your community relies on you for quality eye care. Between serving the needs of your patients and managing your daily operations, you’ve got a lot on your plate.  

At Optometric Management Group, we’re here to help you focus on what you love most about your practice—helping patients. 

Partnering with OMG means advancing the care you’re offering. From new tech to staff training, we help you offer the patient experience you’ve always wanted. 

We help you help your patients.

The Roadmap 


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