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Below are a number of questions and answers regarding who we are and what we do. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us for more information!

Why OMG?

The most simple answer is: because you get to work with us.

At OMG Vision we know that the eye care experience you provide impacts more than just your patients’ vision. You truly make a difference in your patients’ lives and we’re here to help you help more people.

Together our founders have more than a combined 60 years of experience—optometry is a part of our lives. We are leaders in the industry and want to share our knowledge with you to make the world of optometry and your community a better place.

We’re not like your standard management group. We deeply care about you, your community, and everything you’ve done to lead you to this point.

We want to keep what makes your practice unique while making it easier for you to run your day-to-day business. Our team believes in this so much we built our business around 3 pillars: preservation, promotion, and advancement.

Our management process has 3 goals: streamline your operations, free up your time to see more patients, and grow your business according to your goals. We do this by:

  • Getting to know everything about your practice, your patients, and your community
  • Performing an in-depth evaluation of your practice to find out what’s working for you, and what isn’t
  • Carefully and thoroughly integrating our model through specialized training, continued education, technology upgrades, and industry advocacy

Click here to learn more about our process.

An important aspect of the OMG process is that we allow owners to maintain equity. While we’ll do the work to integrate our philosophy to better your practice, you will always have an owner mentality and value.

While your practice will undoubtedly go through changes, our goal at OMG vision is to preserve what you’ve worked so hard to create. Some of the ways we will advance your practice is by:

  • Making operational & back-office changes
  • Implementing a payroll & benefits system
  • Adjusting day-to-day activities guided by our philosophy

VSP Ventures is a capital and growth partner that manages financials and acquisitions. Like OMG Vision, VSP’s goal is to help preserve your practice while ensuring you and your team are part of an effective and efficient environment that allows you to focus on patient care.  


The Roadmap 

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