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The Passion Behind OMG 

Optometric Management Group was founded by optometrists with a combined 60 years of experience. Our group is designed to support both optometrists and their patients. As the optometry industry continues to change, business demands can pile up quickly for any practice owner, no matter how experienced. 

We believe in supporting private practice optometry. Maintaining a practice’s unique characteristics and offerings is something that’s crucial to us. We’re here to support your practice from a business perspective, helping you get back to doing what you love.

The 3 Pillars of OMG


A well-managed, growing, and passionate optometry practice is essential in any strong community. At OMG, we want your practice to maintain this presence. We do so by advocating for optometry legislation and helping you connect with your patients in new ways. 

You get to spend more quality time with your patients—while we manage the business side. 


As an optometrist, everything you do improves the quality of life of your patients. At OMG, we help your practice reach more patients, helping improve the eye and vision health of your community. 

Optometrists are leaders in the eye care community and should be well known by their patients. To achieve this, our team works to develop a marketing plan specifically for your practice. We’ll make decisions with your patients, doctors, and staff’s best interest at heart. 


Optometry is a continuously growing field. With every new discovery, service, or piece of technology, optometrists are able to help their patients just a little bit better. At OMG, we’re passionate about this advancement. We’ll never stop persuing advancements in eye care.

We believe that successful teams are never done learning. At OMG, we provide continuous staff training so your team keeps improving. This training is designed to inspire younger generations and help sharpen the skills of everyone. 



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The Roadmap 

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