Why OMG?

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How We’re Different  

We’re also optometrists, and we know the difference you make in the lives of your patients. From helping to correct simple vision issues to identifying eye diseases, you allow your patients to keep seeing the things they love most in life. 

Just like you take a unique approach with each of your patients, we take a unique approach with each practice we meet. We spend time getting to know your practice, your patients, and your community.

At OMG, we’re passionate about preserving, promoting, and advancing your practice. We do this by supporting your team with training, continued education, technology upgrades, and industry advocacy. Our team at OMG is made up of industry professionals, all deeply invested in the optometry community of Ohio. 

We’re here to keep what’s special about your practice special, all while helping you provide the eye care you’ve always dreamed of. 

Our Patient Care Philosophy 

We believe in individualized eye care. As an optometrist, you should have the tools and technology to personally treat each patient you see. As we know, the eye care experience you provide can be life-changing and impact several aspects of a patient’s life. 

Walking into an optometry practice should feel like visiting a family. During this visit, a patient’s experience goes beyond exceptional eye care. Every patient deserves to feel genuinely cared for during their appointment. At OMG, we support this environment in every practice we work with. 

Make your practice feel like a family for your patients with Optometric Management Group.  


The Roadmap 

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